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Prescribing Safely to Prevent Misuse & Diversion Conference: August 30, 2012

ToolKit Handouts

WMed Organizational Policies & Procedures for Pain Management

WMed Informed Consent Pain Contract

Local Substance Abuse Resources

U of M Guidelines for Clinical Care: Tools for Prescribers 

Speaker Presentations & Handouts

Carol Boyd, PhD, MSN, RN, FAAN


Handout 1

Handout 2

Handout 3

Handout 4

Handout 5


Jim Middleton, RPh, BSPharm, MCTE



Susan Faragher Bannon, MD, FACP



Conference Videos

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Other Great References



Michigan Automated Prescription System



Statewide Search for Substance Abuse Programs


Opioid Addiction Help


Community Resources
Call to Action Powerpoint
Medication Resource Guide

Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery (Rx  Medication Abuse Information)

Consumer Med Safety
Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Data
Inhalant Fact Sheet
Kalamazoo For Kids
Kalamazoo Silent Observer
Gryphon Place
S.O.S. Save Our Society From Drugs
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Support for Parents with a Child Struggling with Drugs & Alcohol

A Picture of Prescription Drug Abuse in Our Community

Checklist for Responsible Drinking

Community ToolKits

Synthetic Marijuana: The Story of K2 Spice


Post Presentation Questionnaire

Quick Fact Sheet

Youth Lesson Plan

True/False Worksheet Challenge

Post Lesson Youth Questionnaire

Tough Situations Worksheet

Additional K2 Spice Resources:

Drug Court K2 Fact Sheet

Michigan K2 Fact Sheet

IDPH Synthetic Marijuana Fact Sheet

Spice Questions and Answer

Michigan Safety Network

NDCRC  Spice and the problem of Cannabinoids

Spice Federal Register Notice

DEA-March 2011


Public Healthcare Enrollment Information

Healthcare Enrollment Guide

Healthcare Enrollment Basics

December 19 Enrollment 


Parent Resources


Red Ribbon Week 2009 tip sheet
Spring Parent Tip Sheet
Law Enforcement Letter of Concern
Parenting Mantras/Drug Information

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Parent/Child Guide to MI Law

Parent Talk Kit to help kids resist peer pressure
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
Parenting Tips

MADD's Power of Parents

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

Alcohol and Public Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Alcohol Information Center

We Wish You a Merry & Safe Holiday

Happy Healthy Holiday

Youth Resources

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Text a Tip/Fast Fifty Bookmark

When a parent drinks too much 

Check Yourself
Courageous Persuaders Contest
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth
Alcohol and Public Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Alcohol Information Center


Mothers Day Promise Card 

Mothers Day Promise Letter 

Member Resources

Medication Abuse School Training Letter


Task Force Members

One on One Interview Form (Updated 3/11)

One on One Resource Sheet DRAFT (4/11)

Commitment to Participate in Underage Drinking Awareness Campaign
Kalamazoo Brainstorming Document
Portage Brainstorming Document

2010 ATOD Prevention Activities

2010 Rx Drug Abuse Prevention Activities

2010 Community Assessment Activities

2010 community Outreach Activities


Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force Quarterly Newsletters


Issue 1: November 2011

Issue 2: February 2012

Issue 3: May 2012

Issue 4: August 2012

Issue 5: October 2012

Issue 6: January 2013

Issue 7: June 2013

Issue 8: September 2013


Task Force Update Communications

Task Force Update: March 2013



Project Sticker Shock

2012 Project Sticker Shock Promo Flyer

2012 Project Sticker Shock Guide

2013 Project Sticker Shock Report

2014 Project Sticker Shock Report



2010 Task Force Meetings

8/30/10 Meeting Agenda

9/27/10 Meeting Agenda

10/26/10 Community Action Meeting Event Program


2010 Subcommittee Meeting Discussions

Youth & Family/ Access Meeting (8/11/10)

Kalamazoo Strategy Team Minutes
See the Archives for old minutes

Portage Strategy Team Minutes
See the Archives for old minutes

Steering Committee Minutes
See the Archives for old minutes